Tuesday, July 5, 2011

24 Ideas Design Room For Teenagers

In search of new design ideas for stylish girls and pretentious? In this post we will try to lend a hand. For now, we have assembled a collection of 24 paintings of the rooms of girls. We try to choose different: We went with some serious internal and sober, but also gave us a blow to the family system and very popular pink, orange and red. All rooms are practical, with work spaces, libraries, or systems of small shelves for books and CDs and fine cabinets designed specifically for teenagers. Finally, we believe that the mirror is a required element in the room of a young girl, so in some of the pictures below, you will notice they have a special status. Even if all design ideas have a particular theme room, the furnishings are well connected together to create interiors that are functional and aesthetic. Look at this!

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