Saturday, July 23, 2011

Artistic Office Interior Design Studio Rottet

Artis Capital Management Bureau in San Francisco recently celebrated a new office interior design, designed by Studio conspired. Conspired Studio is an international architecture and design with a broad portfolio of businesses and leading hospitality companies in the world. The team of the architect was to create a relaxed workplace that was more comfortable than the office in the marketing team of 14 people.

The design team to create a workspace tailored to relax the unique culture of the society, the environment of San Francisco and an environment that was more in the home and office for the negotiating team of 14 people. The office was designed as a "white box". White fly like airplanes, materials, textures and colors are revealed after resulting in a "quiet visually" the space that is opposed to the constant visual stimulation of multiple computer screens. Do not touch the perimeter walls and service areas are located around the nucleus, allowing a clear view through the space around the city.
Custom Carpets mimics the water lapping on the beach. Dark gray stone is surrounded by a gap between the columns across the floor to reinforce the concept of rippling water, the tide was on the point. Along the side of the bay of etchings carved into the white box in the ceiling is a model that emulates the bay of barges. These carvings are carved away to reveal a warm wood and provide additional ambient light. Side of the city is more rigid, and imitating orthogonal grid of the city. Six small offices in the double mini-art galleries. The giant door conceals the work area and, once closed, the room is devoid of visual elements through a remarkable collection of art to be characteristic. Deck chairs with matching ottomans allows employees to retire from their "home" and relax.

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