Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Beautiful Luxury Bathroom Designs - Collezione 1941 By Savio Firmino

If you like luxury, design and do not share the love of minimalism to Collezione 1941 is good for you. If you dream of making a room look like one of the Royal 19 century, and to surround himself with beauty and splendor, then you will enjoy this collection of Italian society Savio Firmino. The Company does not follow modern fashion trends, but it creates a unique and wonderful furniture. 1941 furniture collection is done in the neoclassical style. Each element surprises with its sophistication and elegance. Almost all are decorated with jewels and gold leaf or silver. Sophisticated hand-engraving makes this bath set even more amazing. This bathroom design is timeless and ideal for rest and relaxation. Every woman could imagine being a queen in a bathroom without such problems. More information about this furniture bathroom luxury, you will find on the site Savio Firmino.

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