Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Bedroom Furniture Sets: Westchester Oaks

Westchester Oaks collection of furniture says "welcome home" with solid oak bedroom set, which includes adaptations of Country Living, and reward the details of style, finish and hardware.

A selection of beds complement the comprehensive collection of cabinets drawer and door. The Gate Bed and pieces of mirror are reminiscent of decorative ironwork throughout America in the century. The vault of wood Brook Bed and Mirror with soft molded messages, Keystone Centre, and low arched footboard will enhance the decor of any room. Under the Bed pin turned posts and arched pin that combines an elegant looking piece of furniture. The Vintage Bed Library offers function and style with its storage and lighting for reading in solitude in your own bed.

Combined with buffets and beautifully functional boxes of different sizes, furniture Westchester Oaks room set add style and flexibility to the room today. Westchester Oaks Furniture is an expression of the vintage craft Möbel will remain for generations to come. Welcome home!

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