Thursday, July 28, 2011

Brilliant For Boys And Girls Room Ideas

50 bright boys, girls bedroom designs - from Unoxtutti GIESSEGI

If you want to create your own boy or girl in a beautiful room, to express their personality and give them some privacy and a place where they can sleep, study, play and meet friends, check out this amazing collection of named Unoxtutti Giessegi for 50 ideas to raise girls and boys room models. Unoxtutti models are not only attractive and stylish, but also practical and able to meet all the needs of your child.

The main idea of ​​finding Unoxtutti all models is that it provides free space in the room so that the child does not feel stuck between furniture too, and have space to play. Some of the practical solutions used to provide this space, such as beds and loft beds in motion, including a desk removable bridges.

The collection includes a wide range of furniture practice, each model includes a bed, closet and desk. It also contains drawers, shelves and storage devices of books. For maximum benefit of space, and some beds are designed with built-in shelving under the bed and drawers, others are designed to be integrated into the cupboards.
Unoxtutti furniture is available in a wide range of bright colors and cheerful, and be able to customize the desire of every child. Every child can easily find his dream house

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