Monday, July 4, 2011

Design House Melbourne Brighton Uxurious Minimalist Architect Nic Bochsler

Luxurious Design House minimalist from Brighton to Melbourne by Nic Bochsler architect
Nic Bochsler architect has completed the design minimalist modern house in Melbourne, Australy. Brighton House called because it is a magnificent view of the city of Melbourne and Melbourne's famous beach

White is the color that dominates most of the interior, giving a dynamic light and warm. To create a sense of transparency and brightness, extensive use of glass is applied to windows and simple application architect ventilations.The used with wood and stone, and elegant furnishings and ultra-modern to create a retirement home perfect elite.

 Two features that have made this absolutely luxurious pool house were crackling that stands out from the rest of the house and a lawn tennis court staff

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