Monday, July 18, 2011

Home Renovation: The Colors To Paint The Inside Of The House

You can have hundreds of paint colors at your fingertips in making a living at home. Many are called but few are chosen. Perhaps this passage suggests that choosing the right paint color to paint your home can be terrifying and terrible, but not difficult. Painting a house can seem easy and simple, like choosing the colors in a crayon box, but once you get into the hardware, you suddenly find algebraic equations and scientific names in the choice of paint and colors . And if there was a history of painting your house, it often happens that simply do not fill up at times.

Perhaps the most versatile interior is decorated with the colors. Change the color of the wall to your liking is easy and expensive it can be a daunting task, but the line of departure would be profitable. So here are some tips, tricks and everything you need to know about the colors before your fingers in the bushes.
Home remodeling: the best and worst color to paint the inside of the house:


Red is the color that simulates and is very powerful. Create a sense of warmth, aggression, love and luxury. It can be a color of romance, but never thought of painting your bedroom or perhaps a whole room red, because there are many cases that people regret this incident. Take a red room creates an atmosphere overwhelming. However, if you want to go all red, it is suggested to use different shades, a color wheel is your friend, click the red family. Living room, a wine red and brown tones and other subtle dark red are ideal. Red, the worst is overdramatic - a powerful color aggressive.

2. Blue

The best color for the bedroom to give you peace and comfort. Works in any room to make more clear rooms of sedimentation. It is the color of loyalty, harmony, peace, and at worst is a cool color.

3rd Yellow

Yellow is a happy and stimulating colors that is perfect for kitchens. He invited the sun in the kitchen and darkroom lights. However, it is a color that can irritate people. Do not paint the nursery and yellow baby stops

4th Green

It is a natural color, so it is refreshing to the eyes. Works on almost any site can make a small dark room bright. Just do not go too dark, however, the use of different tones.

5th White

The next safest and cleanest you can get in any room. It fits almost any room but it is too simple and boring.

6th Black

The color of the formality, but it shows invalid dust in your walls. This color is best in any room by repainting, if black is not your kind of interest in style.
The colors are very strong. They can mess with your emotions, make you sad or happy. They can create an abstract in any decor, home decor might be, can make living room look larger or smaller. In fact, the right colors interior paint very own private residence, not only to build a house, but at home. At least all this, choosing the colors always follow your instincts.

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