Sunday, July 31, 2011

house design

Amidst the old world skyline on Vienna appeared the House Ray 1 which represented the cutting edge modern architecture and interior design of Elke Meissl and her partner/ husband, Roman Delugan of Meissl and Delugan Architects. This house design reflected as “James Bondish” with floor to ceiling walls of glass, sloping floors, and built in furniture that added to the spatial continuum. There were some of the livings spaces and exterior characteristics of the modern house that showed a kitchen referred to as a “culinary cockpit” a stairway that cantilevers from the side of the building, and ramp flooring that referred to the “living zone”, the family favorites. This ultra modern structure was viewed by some as cold and impersonal, the house showed the 21st century comfortably surrounded by its pas

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