Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Imagens Girls Bedroom

Every little girl loves to get high or the room reflects their own choices, tastes and personality. There are simple ways to add this to a bedroom when you choose the theme, colors, bedding sets, props, curtains and furniture.

You can bring a personal touch to your bedroom more appealing to the current emphasis on objects in the room stenciling designs on the lampshade, chest of drawers, bedside table, or even a night on the floor or wall. If it is wood, this can be done using colors bold and brighter than those chosen in the room, the cloth pads is a simple wooden chair and decorative and convenient.

Lots of pillows is what a girl likes in bed, choose colorful, fancy, frilly, unlike shapes and sizes and add color and texture of the girls' bedroom with a nice effect. This may be due to a wide range of acorns added to the pellets cosmetics. Acorns scars as fun to use for the pulls on window blinds, curtain tiebacks and blinds. A curtain rod can be an aesthetic feature in itself, they can be adapted to your decor. Dress up a round curtain rod to hang a tassel, made of string or raffia on each end. Make a whimsical child's room by curtain rods cheerful stripes, for example, or add Pommy poms at each end.

A screen can mask an area of ​​study or provide personal information, where the curtains are not an option, and the addition of more low cost of a room of girls. The screens ar beautiful girls in a room, add the right element to a room full of girls. I remember watching old movies where the girls used to change and bath screens. But we do not want a screen to hide all the right things. The screen can be a beautiful addition to any room of girls.

A pair of matching shelves is a new feature in their own right, while giving children plenty of space to display their favorite items, trophies, photos or designs dear. You can also add small touches to the room by framing the pictures to highlight his personal tastes and it will give him a chance to show his flare originator. Ask your child to take pictures of things she likes and make these pictures in his work or maybe you have a budding artist. Frame his paintings, drawings, sketches or what his passion is in art. Let creativity shine of the child.

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