Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Modern Home Design Glass Window Open

Do you think that is similar to the modern design of this website you will be rushing to build you a house like this. This is a building that looks simple and modern feel they deserve in the life of someone who has the nickname is open, why? because this is the design house of modern design, which has wide glass windows and our eyes are immediately drawn to the scenery in a cool house to see out there. With the hammock is a comfortable way to sit, which offers a great place to read about something, a nice nap or chatting with someone.

Construction of houses is based on modern design is a curved structure in which the wood seems to dominate all the space. Here you can relax and enjoy the comfort of each room of this building: bedroom, bathroom, living room with kitchen and a beautiful loft that will offer views of the surrounding landscape. The fact that it is located in flooded areas make it necessary to be supported on pile foundation system of special steel that will protect from all of these problems.

All this was designed by Architecture totem, he wanted a house, give him a perfect connection with nature, a building that is in honor This is a modern hotel situated in an oak-rocking set on Sarasota Bay "is land and timber ". Located on a barrier island in Florida. 

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