Saturday, July 30, 2011

Open House Box by A-Cero

Open Cero-box  house, a new project on the outskirts of Madrid. This is a 750m2 house is designed in accordance with the philosophy of the statue of the A-Cero. It is inspired in the works “Oteiza”, a Spanish sculptor who is very important. With a strong outlook, the Open box is important for the façade of concrete sand in the face and brandering some other face. Plot Houses have is 2600 m2. It has three floors.

Basement garage and facilities and take the ground floor has a kitchen room, drawing room and servants quarters. On the first floor are private rooms (4 bedrooms) and a library. The interior design includes furniture designed by A-Cero and Fendi Italian company. This landscape was designed by A-Cero, too. This is a Japanese garden In conclusion, the work of A-Cero where you can see that seeking comfort, quality and design excellence.

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