Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Wealden Landscapes - Garden Design

As a leader in the design of the landscape garden based Kent, we are proud to design, construction and maintenance of a wonderful outdoor living space throughout Kent, Sussex, Surrey and London. Qualified team of designers garden consists of Brian, Laura, Matt and Belinda has over 60 years of experience in landscape design and garden together. They are designed for a variety of gardens to build a cost ranging from a few thousand pounds to over a million pounds. While I understand that not everyone has that kind of money that the promise that whatever the budget, is responsible for designing the garden with the same care and attention to detail, we have demonstrated that all of our garden.

Wealden garden design team will appreciate the fact that the vast majority of us garden must meet the diverse needs of all. Sometimes, a haven of peace, relaxation and meditation, and other entertainment venue, outdoor restaurants, and just plain fun. Yet all we hope will stimulate your senses. And 'then a balance between these objectives in mind that our friendly and professional garden design team will help you to help crystallize their own ideas and desires, and to formulate their long-standing practice in design. The design is not only pleasing to the eye, but it will give you many, many years of joy.

Why did we not only design but build the gardens, too, we know that by choosing to work in our garden design team, you can also avoid the many pitfalls that meet regularly. Unfortunately, too often we are called to correct any deficiencies in the gardens designed by the so called "professional garden designers!" Sometimes they look great aesthetically, but a little 'less than a wonderful one practical point of view. We have often wondered what the thinking was on production methods, drainage requirements, and ongoing maintenance needs that? After all, the last thing we want is a rainwater drain toward the house. Apparently, we do not claim any garden designers are poor because they do not, but we provide the expertise in combination with good design and professional work.

So what is our strategy?

Gather ideas

Initially, Garden Design, we offer a free consultation of one hour, during one of our experienced designers. During this time, we have distilled their experiences and thoughts and ideas effectively to marry to produce a requirements specification. For this we will create the schematic design proposal for your consideration and esteem the end of the design and construction. (Alternatively, you may simply want to use the service PLANS garden. Click on garden design service to see examples of plans and prices.)

Landscape Architecture

When you are satisfied with the draft proposal, and we have your written instructions we develop a concept of landscape design in graphics and detailed plan to present to you for final approval.

Planning system

The next step is to create a planting plan. Taking into account the structure, texture, color and fragrance, carefully match plants and trees, which support the design aesthetic, but is also suitable for the type of terrain. If necessary, we can change the balance depending on the ground at a later stage.

Garden Construction

Your landscape design and planting plan to be finalized soon to start the hard work! We carefully project manage the building through the process of extracting and soft lighting. Now you can rest easy as managers with construction experience to ensure that the project is completed on time and within budget.

Garden Maintenance

With your garden now complete, we can tailor a maintenance program to ensure your garden stays in tip top condition as you can enjoy for years to come.

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