Friday, August 5, 2011

16 Rooms Green

If you made it out of the 70's with the same memory (and even if it were not born then), who can forget that "puke green" was the color of the decade? They had the right idea, because the green is thought to attract prosperity and reflect the peace and balance in people who use it. Applied lavishly in fashion, cars, appliances and furniture for your home, you have exceeded the color that the new generations have always hated in the eyes-up! Today, Green is as good as new "white" and these designers have created an incredible rendering Dynamite (yes, they are all 3-D!) Incredibly rooms that reflect today's modern world, using the same color green in a whole new way. Now the trend setters of the world, to restore the green in the bedroom for the artistic value of the new colors and combinations of colors, simplified models, textures, and calming. Pictures below will show you exactly what we mean.

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