Thursday, August 18, 2011

Modern Beach House With White Exterior Paint By Richard Meier

This beach house in Southern California was designed by Richard Meier and Michael Palladino of his fellow art collectors. And 'South Pacific fronts of the courtyard to the west, and north of the road. 4,280 square meters modern house to maximize every square inch of the site in an intelligent way, and like many homes in this area of ​​open space to create a sitting area outside. Courtyard eye contact marking, highway, and across the ocean. Public open areas in the yard. The living room has a double height ceiling and links with the confined spaces where the bridge and the ocean through full-height glass wall and sliding doors. Private residential areas are hidden in the eastern part of the subscription. Although there are a lot of homes in Southern California glamorous designer Richard Meier Beach House will be the more modern style than many others.

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