Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Modern Home Office

A contemporary design is for those who prefer their home to be clutter free and functional at the same time very elegant and stylish. What we now call modern modern interior design was very pop in Europe before coming to America in the 1950s. Modern interior design style is based on the notion of keeping the inside of your home or office very simple and uncomplicated. There is minimal use of furniture and accessories, while the focus is on the management of open spaces. If you ar planning of such a practical and elegant interiors of your home, while Hera some ideas modern contemporary interior design that you will find handy. Learn more about interior design.

Modern Contemporary Interior Design Ideas


Minimum furniture is used. Size beds or sofa ranges from small to medium. Ar prevarication on beds made of wood and metal or light. Beds and platform beds italian leather look good in a modern house. In the room, except for two tables and a wardrobe, there is no need for anything else furniture and even the chairs and tables arranged in a back room, beware that only those with a clean style must be purchased. For the living room couch can be placed different geometric shapes as a whole or L-shaped sofas are stylish and intentionally to occupy a space as small as possible. Learn more about modern room furniture plans.

Color Scheme

When it comes to modern contemporary interior design, futuristic colors such as silver, bronze, copper and blue, are the fittest. People affected by the use of bright colors for your home, you can use orange and green. The green color is easy echo considered fashionable and is all the rage today. Avoid bright colors like the common thread or the traditional colors like pink, while the design of a modern house. The pastel colors are another good choice for a modern home.


The fabric for furniture, curtains, tablecloths, etc. in a modern house very soft and soothing. Substances that have geometric patterns on them look very good in a modern house. Heavy, coarse or smooth fabric should be completely avoided in a modern home.

Equipment and wiring

The modern house is incomplete without the electronic gadgets like LCD TVs, computers, health system, a refrigerator and microwave. Even a modern house is wireless, so all wiring is hidden inside the house.


Unlike traditional houses, with plenty of accessories used in RA, modern homes use a minimum of accessories that take up much less space on the walls. Night lamps and chandeliers made of metal, the AR some equipment in common use for modern homes.

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