Wednesday, August 3, 2011

See This House: Setting The Stage For A House With A View!

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Four concrete blocks form the main courtyard of the contemporary home ... where three-bed modern white chair outdoor lounge with comfortable seating and complement the style of the house. (Top)
The modern interior design is simple and clean, and allows visitors to enjoy views of the main living area and a quiet courtyard blue sky! (Above)

The wall behind the sofa in the main hall is lined with white wavy texture that acts as a form of modern art in this area of ​​great style. (Top)
Every corner of this room has a magnificent view of the outside and a breathtaking view of the minimalist interior of the house. Note the skyscraper hidden behind hedges in the courtyard garden. (Top)
The white tile floors, white walls, white upholstery with natural wood and glass accents is the perfect design and choice of interior design and colors for this large modern living room. (Above)

No matter the angle is always a clock! Dining room is light and airy with glass bubble chandelier, textured glass oval table, white upholstered dining room chairs, and silver (or mercury-glass) in urns on the table. (Above)
A curved wall with large windows illuminates the cave area and stylish modern kitchen. (Top)
The kitchen has cabinets with exotic wood paneling, a huge kitchen island, high-end stainless steel stools and comfortable to eat at a real treat. (Top)

This is all soft curves in the study. A white corner sofa upholstered chocolate brown ottoman around a plume, a dark wood oval table at breakfast sits atop a round gray shag rug ... complementing the room's walls and architecture curve. (Above and below)

The view of the wall the window is the art of the master bedroom needs. Light green walls, white upholstered bed with a super high-tufted headboard, metal printer Zebra simple x-cuts all compliment and work together with visual views of the leafy courtyard. (Above)
Fireplace flanked by two chairs Louis and Sophie Oly flat-screen TV ... offers a spectacular view inside the suite. (Above)
Rich walnut stained oak floors and a modern hot tub is a wonderful sight in this modern bathroom. (Above)
A more common wall with a curved window gives the point of view, the perfect paint color blue, another white beds and padded table lamps white come together to create a modern nursery. (Above)
What is the room of a child without two Philippe Starck Louis Ghost chairs, a royal blue chairs and seven windows from floor to ceiling! (Above)

Thank you for Meridith and the team that I use all COCOCOZY images. This house is gorgeous!

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