Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Trendy Stylish Modern Design Houses

Perfect house located in Mexico does not end until we find or make our dream of owning one day. It is impossible to get everything we ever dreamed, but not so hard to create something that we have in our minds. This house is very modern and chic in Mexico  is an example of a house that has everything you need to enjoy a comfortable life.

When it comes to opening the plan and connections within and outside the large room, houses built around a central courtyard is quite common. This is one of the houses, which also has another adjacent page and a beautiful terrace. There are three levels in it. A basement level, including garages, service and games room and staircase that connects the entire house. On the ground floor kitchen, dining room and family room are located. All this surrounds a central courtyard area. Three bedrooms are located on the third level, but they still have good relations with the outside through the patio area. The interior design is done in a modern contemporary style. Choosing the color and shape is not just for style, but also comfortable and practical.

The garden surrounding the house is beautiful and neat. This house is a perfect example of everything being in place. There is demarked area for parking vehicles and other necessities. The living space is spacious and inviting. The living and dining rooms are cleverly separated with a huge indoor plant that not only makes the place look green and lively but also renders natural beauty indoors. Kitchen design is contemporary, black workstation with all white interiors make the kitchen look strikingly decent. Extra care is taken when it comes to the lighting all over the house. It is just perfect, no over dose of light is seen anywhere and neither do we see over lighting  anywhere around the house.

The wooden flooring at the staircases and adjoining corridor is beautiful and looks really chic with the transparent support surrounding the staircase. The corridor looks like an art museum, showing off the owner’s collection of beautiful paintings. The most inviting and attractive place of the house is the outer sitting arrangement, which is perfect for a friendly gathering. If you are looking for ideas for designing your home and do not wish to go over the top, this house would be a good choice for inspiration.

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