Tuesday, July 5, 2011

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The garden design is based on all these different disciplines to achieve unity of design, you must create an environment thriving and aesthetically pleasing way, and this is a landscape of work. When the designer to understand the site, the customer's needs and budget constraints, the landscape begins to create a conceptual design plan, which is a rough layout of all elements of design and have no place within the property borders with the site and its relationship with the environment and adjacent land.

As the design evolved, meeting with a client or a representative of the client and the designer of the landscape involves the design and further development of the basis of the number according to the design solution is the customer's needs, budget and design elements, who want to see the final landscape.

The creation of a set of design plans garden final requires a good knowledge of habitats and plant growth patterns in specific locations. This knowledge of plants allows the designer to select appropriate materials for the plant specific location, which may include the treatment of sun in a factory, temperature requirements, water needs and the needs of the soil.

To understand the growth habits of plants allows the designer to place the plants in places that produce the desired effect, size and color (flowers and leaves), when the plantations are mature, taking into account the elements or structures of another site, and how they interact with these plants up.

The landscaping and landscape

A landscape designer has knowledge of the construction of various structures of the open air and an understanding of how to create and view how these structures are put together.

Some of these structures may include the construction of the masonry wall, fence construction, construction of the pool, gazebo and pergola construction, construction of sidewalks, construction of retaining walls, walk construction, patio construction, etc.

This experience allows a designer to create secure, Bill and knowing the shape and style of the aesthetically pleasing garden with open-air structures that will last and will send this information to the plans or drawings for contractors construction.

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