Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Top 10 Ideas For Backyard

In turn the door with beautiful flowers and at the end of white mesh.
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Front-lit courtyard

Brighten up your garden or Tealights lanterns. Solar lights are perfect - do not let them out during the day and that will light up to 5 hours during the evening.

Front garden style patio

Need space for your car? Consider a patio or driveway gravel. You can always keep with colorful pots.
Rock Garden

Parts of water should not be limited to your garden. Make an entrance by installing a sparkling rock in your front yard.
Rustic front yard
Create a country style winding garden path and cross the gap. Lavender is a good choice because it is beautiful and fragrant.

Front garden decorations

We love this cute Blackboard - ideal for hanging trees in the gard
 Front garden with gravel
I hate to cut? Replace grass with gravel or slate-colored chips. Bring it to life with potted plants and rocks.

Tealights front garden
Light up a plain near the jam jars full of colored candles.
Decorated front yard
Decking is a great way to add character to your design front garden. It is the team with red bricks and gravel for a striking appearance.
Front garden style beach
Enter the front garden design stones on the beach atmosphere. They are more color and interest in concrete driveways.

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