Monday, July 4, 2011

Building A House, Building Society

The Bible is not just telling the story of redemption. It also tells the story of how God is leading mankind from childhood to maturity in Christ. To tell this story requires the integration of the doctrine of loyalty to the creation in Genesis 1, with the Gospel. Douglas Knight captures the link between creation and redemption with a suggestive metaphor.

The doctrine of creation requires two accounts, one is creating an individual pre-event and in the other, such as the creation and justification is a process that continues. In this second account, God continues his work in light of the opposition, represented by other incompatible goals and creations. A [n] analogy can help to create the complexity of the relationship between the doctrine of creation and reconciliation. We need to show that God made the world again by capturing and reusing what is at hand, without that nothing less than completely his own work. This ... analogy of building a house and a community.

Building a home is a relatively simple. This is an accurate measurement and collection of dead parts perpendicular to the other. But imagine that at the same time, it was our duty to educate a group of children, to build a house and a community. Imagine that this group of children is a mixture of very young, disturbed, and the criminal. The learning environment for some can be limited or threatened by the behavior of others and their learning outcomes may be very different.

To build a house to live in the same boat would be simple. But to build that house together as a way to bring up a criminal gang in adult children would be more challenging. For children it would be not only the first time to build something, but first of all social behavior. Whatever the kids are built or destroyed in one day, the sponsor must be ungrateful in the construction of a house. Developers must make a good building that do not suffer from the shortcomings of the efforts of children, or even deliberate deconstruction caused by disgruntled criminals. Not that education and upbringing of children is an intermediate target, and the construction of the house of an ultimate goal. No goal may be subject together. The house must have the objective reality of a building, it must be the place where they can live. It is also necessary funds, as they grow to become adults and are supplied with support that increases and decreases at each step according to the needs of each student.

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