Sunday, July 24, 2011

Children's Room Stemik Contemporary Green

The green color is very nice and good and does well, because the most recent scientific studies have confirmed that this is the most relaxing color for the eyes and nerves. Stemik Livingstone used this lovely color to create an attractive design for children's bedroom, which is also surprising in a modern and cheerful.

This room is not only good, it also has a practical design with lots of clever ideas that could benefit any small space. The construction consists of bunk beds, a wardrobe, a desk study, drawers and cupboards.

Two beds, in combination with a closet, in order to save space, but the closet is quite large and deep for a lot of stuff. The beds are very comfortable and are the same size regular beds. Scales, which makes it a bunk bed, which are hidden behind a cabinet, in fact, set of drawers to give more practical to use every piece in the room. Memory units are placed intelligently, which does not occupy much space, as two large drawers to the bed, the mobile unit boxes next to the research organization.

Although the room is very small, this design offers an important space where all the furniture have been installed in one wall, so now we can put the design office across the room, a desk study is very elegant and comfortable. A modern shelving system is installed on the other wall provides a fashionable appearance with its simple modern design, and its white color is a beautiful harmony and softness with the green theme. It is a conception of space with lots of very creative solutions to save space and with a cool color that can be adapted for a boy or a girl.

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