Sunday, July 24, 2011

Trends In Decorating Paint Color 2011

Trends in decorating paint color, 2011 e 2011 trends in paint colors, decorating color trend 2011, color design trends 2011, the original 2011 color trends, all information is important for those of of you who want to design a house or renovate the house. color itself is an important element in a design and decoration. D├ęsaignes house with color, design space to be more vivid. Freer citrus yellow symbolizes the spirit, sense of fun and positive energy. Mood of hope and optimism in abundance, to convey a feeling of freshness, vitality excellent new growth, relaxed fun and goodness. House painted yellow lemon is certainly the symbol. The same applies to the inside, a hint of lemon yellow on the wall or give color, tone and combined it with blanks provide fresh look, clean and cheerful. for your reference in determining the color and design for you the following trends in our gallery opinion colors.

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