Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Choosing The Right Paint Colors House

If you are ready to move to a new house, or have decided to renovate their home, choosing the right colors to paint a house is one of the most important tasks. The right interior paint colors complement the fabrics, rugs and other accessories, as well as to promote the atmosphere you want to create individual rooms. You can paint the background colors to create a thin uniform room d├ęcor, or you can use colors to provide an active focus your decorating scheme.

Tips for choosing paint

Your local paint store is the best place to get pointers on choosing the right paint. Paint experts who can advise you on what type of paint and finish to be used in different situations. For example, you want matte or gloss latex or oil base, a smooth or textured? You can explain the color wheel to you and use it to coordinate the colors on opposite sides of the spectrum.

When looking at paint samples in the store, you will be able to make better decisions if you bring fabric samples and floor with you, because you can see the exact colors that are trying to coordinate. Your paint store can prepare small samples to take home. To get an idea of ​​how the paint you have selected will be in effect, the use of paint samples from a few square feet of wall board or real. Put the carpet and soil samples on the floor and curtain fabrics or cut vertically with the sample, and then you can see how the colors look at each other. Let dry completely before judging the color samples.

You want to use different interior colors depending on the purpose of space and the atmosphere you create in them. You should paint the ceiling a much lighter color than the walls, as they tend to be in shadow. Warm colors - red, orange and pink - tend to get better in rooms where you will have a higher energy level, while the cool colors - purple, blue and green - is the best when you want a more relaxing atmosphere .

Brighten up your kitchen

You want your kitchen is warm and inviting, choose warm colors for the energy to space. You do not want too many solid walls with a light color because it will get boring over time. If you have colored counters, an off-white walls with rich brown or colored plate boundaries can make the room an inviting place for guests to linger and to contact you to cook a delicious meal.

Make your living room alive

Choose colors for your home that bring the best of your furniture and accessories. If you have furniture and carpets of light, you can go with bolder colors for your walls. You can use the color wheel to choose the right colors to go with your hot curtains or furniture coverings. To keep the room feel too busy, match warm colors with cool colors opposite on the color wheel.

Make Room quiet refuges

To choose the right paint colors for your pension, note that the availability of space for relaxing, especially for children who need to relax each night before bed. Choose cool colors like blue and green walls to complement the brightly colored curtains, drapes and bedspreads.

Bathrooms silent

Bathrooms are another area, you can choose to paint in cool colors. To create a space filled with peace and quiet, choose the colors of nature, with pastel walls highlighted with bolder colors for cabinets and trim.

Finally, a good house paint colors are those that match your personal preferences. Darker colors can go far in a room that receives plenty of natural light, but remember to use a sponge or other techniques of applying paint to give texture to the walls so that the dark colors of life. For relaxation areas, choose colors and cold rooms with more energy, choose warm colors.

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