Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Overflowing Bath - Bathroom Design Ideas Kasch

Luxury is characterized by a subtle richness of these beautiful indoor bathroom Kasch. Beautiful bathroom ideas are the tests, all with spectacular Kasch products - bathroom. Have you ever drunk from a wooden star, "belly", a cup? Due to pour into the wooden box with a cup until it overflows into the saucer in Japan. This loan Eastern societies, without the generosity of every bathroom design, simple but can be. Large open space or a slab of wood to draw the eye immediately in the spotlight: bath overflow set directly on the floor. Focus on natural elements such as stones used to surround a bathtub or a cross, to design ground. The distance from other water games, such as ponds, lakes, water channels, or just full of flowers and plants in water stress our water. Ideas and inspiration from Kasch.

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