Thursday, July 7, 2011

Modern And Minimalist Design House Exterior Wood

This contemporary house is oriented around the garden which has beautiful scenery. House and dynamic modern form begins with a glass atrium on the north side and glass on the northwest and southwest. More than that, a simple modern design makes this house minimalist atmosphere, but the surrounding landscape make this home feel rich with a cool relaxing atmosphere. Exterior materials including wood texture natural gum cladding panels, railings powder coated steel and Portland cement stucco to reduce the size of the house and accentuate the glass walls and open interior space in booming. Large awnings to promote the use of the decks around the house and a large glass, steel and wood truss roof at the entrance, it is possible to eat tires to use, even in the rain. Interior materials include carbonized bamboo floors, clear Douglas trim and cabinet, stone tiles, walls, Venetian plaster accent, and many special features.

The external forms are suitable for an interior designed to recognize the hierarchy of spaces in the house. Natural light is led through the house at the lowest level through the open second and third floor and a large skylight above. The main floor has been designed as an open space with built-in cupboard, double French doors from the kitchen to the terrace before dining, a separate sitting alcove for entertainment, office or living room and large living room facing a terrace facing south West. The ceilings on the upper floors from a standard eight feet high in the bathrooms and a propensity to nearly three feet of wall of the glass window in the room and suites to capture views of heaven and earth and water.

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