Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Red And White Teens Room With A Desk Study By Julia

The red color is very dynamic and reflects the energy and momentum of the age of adolescence, is also a fashion color that fits well with the style of modern decor. Julia, the Italian furniture manufacturer, offers a very interesting design for a combination of red and white teen bedroom between modernity, comfort and convenience. The room includes a bed, wardrobe, office and a library and a shelf and hung on the wall.

Two factors give this very elegant: the use of the minimalist style, the furniture was designed for rectangular shapes and clean lines with no curves or details, this style is offered by the boys because it's so trendy and up-to- dates. Another factor is modern, with matching red and white, a little 'of elements of oak, which creates a youthful atmosphere in the room.

This design has an important functional part, which is designed not to occupy a large space, we see that there are some ideas for the benefits of each small space in a practical way. The library, which is located just between the cabinet and the wall is fixed with the consulting firm that occupy space in this area so infrequent, but the library is quite large and contains many racks of books, CD ... as the office is most convenient for studying in bed is separated from another unit of the practices of the shelves.

The closet is large enough and contains some useful accessories that can be used for storage with sliding doors that are more modern and functional. The shelf is hanging on the wall looks so beautiful and attractive with its bright red color and rectangular shape. Red & White is a cool contrast that may be suitable for both girls and boys.

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