Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Modern House Designs Adolescents Pianca Modern House Designs Adolescents Pianca

Pianca is an Italian company specialized in the production of modern furniture and is known for its modern and functional design.

Pianca offers a collection of modern adolescence in all the designs are stylish as well as practical and comfortable. By the way, I mean to use the fashion line in the style of decor is minimalist, all models depend on clean lines and geometric shapes, which is the favorite style of decoration for most teenagers.

The colors are so trendy and appealing as the contrast between the cold black and white, purple is also attractive for girls, baby soft blue, orange happy ... and other colors. In terms of functionality, each image contains a large number of storage units in the contemporary look, like hanging on the wall units, which also help to save space, the library of big books with multiple racks, shelves nice walls different modern styles, even the furniture is functional with large racks and cabinets to house a lot.

The beds are very comfortable and ergonomic. Study tables are simple, but the original forms is not designed to take up much space, installed between the two beds, or simply a desk next to the closet and a dresser, at the same time is also a regular desk, which can be placed in anywhere in the room. The last model is very interesting, which is dominated by the bright white color, and some touches pretty red and white (white walls, white beds and white wardrobe, a chest black and bench research, and the two red seats), it seems incredibly updated and stylish and suitable for a girl and a son.

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