Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Small Kitchen, Bar Ideas

The introduction of a bar in the kitchen is definitely a great idea to create a dining space for additional work space, and comfort. It is not only decorative kitchen bar makes them so popular, but the factor also plays a useful role. In addition to using the space bar to store various objects, space also allows you to set a buffet, while holding a party for your friends and family.
The design of an L-shaped bar is one of the easiest ways to create a bar in a small kitchen without disturbing the operation of the kitchen. The L-shaped bar offers the workstation to one side and the other side can be used as a projection of the dining room chairs or stools. Extension of the counters can be used as the short side of the L-shaped bar, however, make sure there are no boxes at the top of the table to block the view. On the other hand, the longer side of the L-shaped bar can be used as a bar area with bar stools to be held on the other side. However, two basic sections cabinets can easily be used to store various things.
A small bar eating two to three people can also be created by extending one of the counters along one side. In addition to improved workplace where bar food is not used, you will also have the unique advantage of using the room to serve breakfast or snack for children.

You can consider the pull-down behind the desk there is a bar to create an additional dining space. Metal closures can be used to connect with the part of the counter behind the bar. Drop height can be anything between 7-32 cm 8:00, depending on customer needs.

Another project idea is to build an efficient kitchen, bar, bar through the open kitchen to the dining room. Opening the partition will stimulate the design and make things easy. Step can be easily used to set up a buffet when you have guests in your home. The sliding doors can also add a move to avoid that the kitchen is on display at any time.

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